Rafe’s CD – It’s Not as Shit as it Looks


Rafe’s CD – It’s not as shit as it looks
CD Review by P.J.Whyte

The Sleeve!!!
It’s a classic comic hand drawn … black on white….  The effect  worked…  It gave me the feeling that I wanted to know what this guy had …..   You will too when you see it.
It’s a classic comedy style album with a twist.
Rafe has great vocals and hugely talented players to assist him get his Aussie yarns into a varied eclectic bunch of rhythms and melodies.
Rafe has something funny to sing about in a lot of different subjects from Goths to Crocodiles on this Album.
I recommend this album to those who like a classic style Aussie comic musical performer.
It would be a great addition to your collection for a very classy and well performed laugh.
P.S. The Orchestral arrangement on Cummon Austraya is worthy of special mention.
I appreciated the anthem.
The quality of this track suggested a talented comic performer with potential to raise other emotions besides pure comedy.

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