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“I’m not sure if it takes a brave musician or a foolhardy one to open his CD (which is essentially a collection of jazz & blues inspired guitar music) with an instrumental version of “Waltzing Matilda”, but it takes a talented one to get away with it … and Richard Steele does.
Apart from this pleasantly surprising, almost whimsical, opening, “no rain” solidly alternates between songs that sometimes come across as impressions of blues archetypes (track 2 “Good Loving Woman and track 4 “No Rain”), and more original sounding jazzy instrumentals (track 3 “The Stomp” and track 8, “Raggety Jazz”). Then, just to keep listeners on their toes, Steele inserts “Bermagui Moon” (track 5) – a dreamy piece featuring hawaiian style slide guitar.
Versions of blues songs by Johnny Winter (track 6 “TV Mamma”) and S. Hopkins (track 7 “Take a Trip”) complete the collection, highlighting Steele’s ability to drive a tune along, and featuring his voice, which is not as strong as his playing, but has almost chameleon like qualities.
With the name Richard Steele, it is tempting to think that the role of guitarist/singer/songwriter was almost inevitable. But as attractive as the idea of destiny is, talent is still required and he has it. I look forward to hearing more from Richard Steele, particularly original instrumental works, and I can’t help but wonder what other “classics” he has in his sights after his treatment of “Waltzing Matilda”. Review by Bernard Williams.

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