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Sitar sounds for the sofa. Inspired by the furniture in Hobart’s ‘Kaos Café’, where Maxwell Smart meets Shirley Bassey, this is music to chill out to. The laid back grooves are based on loops syncopating with bass and synths. This hypnotic mix is accompanied by Sitar and Indian Violin which do the rest to enchant your lazy afternoon with a Sapphire Bombay Gin & Tonic … or maybe you are having Ginger tea?

CD REVIEW –  Richard John, .

I do not go out of my way to listen to the sitar.
Sadly my formative years did not include being exposed to the semitones of the classical Indian scales otherwise I may be more appreciative.

The CD comprises of about 52 minutes of instrumental tunes contained in 10 tracks.
Some of the title’s are in Indian dialect but no English translation is given.

Roman primarily plays his sitar and is backed by Russell Griffiths and Michael Shelley.  Together they form a cohesive professional group and, as far as I could tell, any misplayed notes whether from Indian or Western scales were fully edited out.

Roman describes the CD contents as music “to chill out to”, inspired by a Hobart cafe promoting Maxwell Smart to Shirley Bassey.
It is also claimed that the music on this CD is hypnotic.

You can judge for yourself by buying a copy at the Trad&Now online shop. #TN492

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