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Review by Ian Dearden


Melbourne-based Rosie Burgess is a real talent. “Humble Pie” is an album full of her original (and quirky) songs, on which she plays almost everything (except drums), and which she recorded and mixed herself at Payne Street Studios. The album cover is printed on recycled cardboard, and there’s a gentle reminder on the inside back cover about the numbers of animals killed/exported/exploited each year in Australia, along with an exhortation to “go vegan”.


If Rosie was a US artist, we’d call this Americana, but she’s not, so the best description I can give is contemporary acoustic roots music. The recording quality is excellent, and Rosie’s vocals (which are warm and delicious) are mixed right up front, and grab you from the get go. Add to that her excellent instrumental skills (she’s a very handy guitar player, and particularly tasty on the harmonica), and you have a superb package. I warmed to this CD as soon as I heard it, and I believe Rosie is clearly a significant Australian talent in the making. She received a “Victoria Rocks” grant for a national tour in 2008, so no doubt the rest of Australia will soon be getting the opportunity of sharing Victoria’s well-kept secret. My only (minor) quibble is that (as an obsessive) I would have liked the opportunity to peruse Rosie’s lyrics while listening to the songs. Perhaps a page of lyrics on the website would keep me happy!

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