Rough Red – Vintage Reds


Rough Red – Vintage Reds
CD review by Chris Spencer

I would hope that most readers would be au fait with the music of Rough Red, perhaps one of Australia’s most well known folk rock bands.
Formed around 1995, the band released 4 albums before it disbanded in 2004.
During that period the band toured Europe several times, playing at major festivals and even scored a hit record on the Australian music charts.
This compilation of tracks from all their releases coincides with the band reforming in late 2009.
During the band’s hiatus, at least 2 of the members released solo albums: Peter Harvey and John Fagan.
I must confess my prejudices: I’m a big fan of the band, love the rough vocals, the male choruses, the Celtic rhythms, the thumping bass and seriousness of some of the lyrics.
They combine the best of traditional folk and contemporary rock music.
More electric guitar solos would enhance their music for me, but in their wisdom they choose violins, piano accordions and mandolins to embellish their arrangements.
There are 16 tracks on this CD, culled from all their albums.
Some of the titles include: “The Flying Dutchman’s Inn” which gets the compilation off to a marvellous start; “The World Keeps Turning” and “Lady on the Wire” slow the pace a bit; “Stand and Deliver” describing some dastardly bushrangers is one of the band’s best songs as are “The Walls of Derry” and “Harry’s Farm.”
“Johnny Boy We Miss Ya” is a send up of the Hare Krishna movement and these days might not be so funny.
Then there’s the eight minute epic, “The Sea Song.”
All the tracks are composed by the band, except two:  Their cover of the Doobie Brothers’ “Long Train Running” I used to think was one of the band’s highlights, but when it compares to the other songs on this album, it sounds a bit tame.  They also include a rollickin’ version of the traditional “Drunken Sailor” to close the disc.
After listening to this terrific album, I’m now enthused to purchase the odd album of the band I don’t own.  Highly recommended.

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