Round Mountain Girls – One Step Closer


Round Mountain Girls – One Step Closer

CD Review by Ian Dearden

By all accounts (I’ve not yet had a chance to see them myself), the Round Mountain Girls are a fantastic live act, wowing audiences at folk, country and rock festivals, pub gigs and the like over the past few years. It’s important to understand, however, that there are no girls in the band, named as it is after a prominent landmark near Kingscliff. This is a bloke’s band, who delight in their Secret Men’s Business (see track 10 which closes the album). This is a band full of boys, all having fun, and lots of it!! So how would you describe them?

At times they sound like the bastard offspring of a group of Gregorian-chanting monks crossed with The Pogues (Mos Vos), at other times they sound like sensitive singersongwriting folkies (All My Life), and then again they could be a down home country rock band, singing the traditional Blackberry Blossom, then playing out at full speed (and volume) the banjo/fiddle tune Silver Spear. But then there’s the quirky Mobile Love, articulating the anxieties of a modern mobile texting age, the tin whistle/fiddle/ banjo driven love song, Faith. The band is driven, instrumentally, by the twin leads of banjo (Chris Eaton) and fiddle (Rabbit Robinson), underpinned by the rock solid rhythms of drummer extraordinaire, Rex Carter, a man whose tasteful approach to the craft of drumming is a constant delight. There is some dextrous acoustic guitar and mandolin playing from Chris Brooker, and the vocals (shared between Brad Hails, Chris Eaton, Chris Brooker & Rabbit Robinson) are superb. In particular, the vocal harmonies are delightful and the various lead vocalists (this band is blessed with vocal talent) fit the various genres on this CD to a tee.

Superbly recorded at Byron Bay’s Studio 301, this is a wonderful and enjoyable good time CD, presenting various facets of an exciting live band. Highly recommended. You can find out more about them, and view their busy gig schedule (so you can get along and share the love) at

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