Ruby For Lucy – Catching Bream


Ruby for Lucy – Catching Bream
CD review by Chris Spencer

Ruby for Lucy are a Sydney based acoustic duo, consisting of Julie Stenton and Kat Borghetti but on this recording they are joined by Tim McArtney on double bass and Harrison Wood on drums.
Their record company says they “make lovely, dreamy, whimsical pop music”.
It’s not a folk album in the broad sense, more pop in structure.
I found it was easy to lose interest when listening to their music initially, but gradually over several listens, I began to distinguish highlights, turns of phrases or ‘nice’ melodies.
The overall arrangements are similar, the tempo slowish and unhurried.
Sometimes one singer will sing unaccompanied while at other times they join together to harmonise.
The guitar playing is generally delicate, gentle strumming or picking.
Stronger songs – perhaps that is an inappropriate word to use to describe any of their songs – are the title track, “Oh is it the Way You Pictured it” and “Grandma’s House”.
Recommended for those of you who like gentle, laid back acoustic music.

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