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CD review by Greg Barnett

The cover art of two cross-legged people, eyes closed in some deep meditative state, caused me a certain reluctance to begin listening.

However, my cynicism evaporated on the first notes and I was transported somewhere emotionally calm and beautiful by a fabulous recording of an unusual and exquisite blend of eastern and western instruments, overlaid with an ethereal and soaring female voice (and the occasional male contribution).

Prem & Jethro Williams’ ancient mantras, rich flutes, beautiful soothing melodies & harmonies, all transport you to a state of deep peaceful bliss.

Having sold more than a quarter of a million albums, they are reportedly Australia’s top-selling artists in the ambient music genre.

With a few pages in the booklet unreadable (poor text contrast) I was unable to confirm all the instruments used.

A rich bass guitar and tabla counterbalance the feathery upper tones throughout.

Some piano, choir synths, etc. provide variety throughout.

Imagine Pink Floyd if they only had access to acoustic eastern instruments.

While the mystical, devotional, religious aspect is there for those who want it, the music alone was sufficient to transport me to rarely-visited parts of my mind, that allowed me to both listen AND think at the same time, something usually quite uncommon for me when listening to music.

An unexpected but beautifully elemental discovery.

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