Sarah McMonagle – Tea on Tuesday


Sarah McMonagle – Tea on Tuesday
CD review by Chris Spencer
This release is my choice for the album of the month. It’s not a folk record, nor is it typical of a singer songwriter writing about issues and love. There seems to be more interest in her music in country circles, but I think she has the potential to be enjoyed by listeners of many persuasions.
Some reviews talk of bluegrass influences, but only one song makes overt use of the banjo. Perhaps the use of country music session players such as Rod and Jeff McCormack and Mick Albeck has given cause for the interest by country music reviewers.
McMonagle has a warm sounding voice that makes her vocals a pleasure to listen to. Her songs are little vignettes of everyday life. “Ten Boxes and Me” tells of moving house; the title track describes a group of women who meet regularly on Tuesday; my favourite song by far is the wistful “Plant me Flowers” with its swathes of hammond organ.
Sarah talks of cooking spaghetti as one of the reasons she misses her lover. “C’est La Vie” has a nice shuffle, with the rhythm sounding like handclaps, which is repeated on “Myrtle Avenue” that features a violin, giving it a bit of a country feel.
The use of an instrument that sounds like a piano accordion lifts “Drop the Anchor” as the song swirls in the background of lyrics about McMonagle’s Irish heritage. “Losing Faith” deals with the inability of keeping up friendships over the years.
“The Biscuit Barrel” is a gentle song about her mother, while “My Home Town” covers the emotions of attending a school reunion. Some of the songs towards the end begin to sound a bit the same, but the arrangements and voice remain superb.
Highly recommended.

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