Sheila Hunter- Ricky


Set in Sydney NSW in 1840’s over about 30 years.

Ricky & his mother immigrate from England to join his father in the new Colony of Sydney. On arrival there is no sign of his dad. Ricky’s mum uses the tiny amount of money they have left the get lodgings in a run down building. Things go from bad to worse when his mother dies and he is thrown out of the lodgings and all their possessions are confiscated by the caretakers. Ricky finds himself living on the Streets of Sydney Town as a street waif. He finds safe places to sleep and befriends freed convicts who can help him survive…
One day he finds another child and he helps reunite her with her family. These people try to help him but due to his stubbornness he insists of doing things his way, but he has found a mentor & confidante. The story follows him through his life. He survives and turns his life around also helping others along way, some of whom he ‘adopts’. After many years Ricky’s lost dad makes an amazing re-appearance but by then Ricky’s life has taken many amazing twists & turns.

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