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The Club is a group of fiddle fans with many and diverse origins,meeting monthly to play tunes from Scotland (old and new) and the Scottish diaspora.It’s a happy group where everyone is encouraged and anything is possible.Kids as young as 8 and adults as old as 78 play together in rehearsals and performances and have recorded an earlier CD ‘Red Hot Scots'(1999) which has been a great success at home and abroad.The recording of ‘Reel Cool’ was a 12 month project, made possible by the enthusiasm and ownership of the entire group,especially the hard-working committee and the Founder/Director, Judy Turner

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For the Indigenous people of Australia, songs and dances, have encoded their history and religion, their social organisation, and their connectedness to the land for 60,000 years. As research assistant to the eminent musicologist Alice Moyle, and later on her own behalf, Jill Stubington spent many years between 1960 and 1980 in remote regions of Australia learning to listen to this music, to understand its complexity, its central role in identity, social cohesion, celebration and the resolution of family conflict. From 1960 new sound and film equipment widened the opportunities for recording; and soon the guitar and recorded popular music began to intermingle with the traditional styles. It became a matter of urgency to use the new technology to preserve the old culture. In three sections the book details the diverse culture, its musical instruments and practice; and provides listening guides to the available CDs and notations.

DR JILL STUBINGTON is a senior academic at the School of Music and Music Education, the University of New South Wales. She came to the study of Aboriginal Music in 1967 when she joined Alice Moyle at Monash University and copied, notated and edited hundreds of her recordings. She has taught and published widely on Aboriginal music and society and has been influential in introducing generations of students the study of non-Western music. 

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