Skorba – Temples of Devotion


CD REVIEW – Skorba – Hagar Qim Temples of Devotion
by John Williams

Skorba is a quartet of musicians (Andy Busuttil, John Robinson, Bertie McMahon and Paul Jarman) who perform original music sung in Maltese with a theme of cultural unification. Their music is unique.

The traditional instruments create a haunting sound, which once heard will never be forgotten. The music is a fusion of Greek, Turkish, Arabic and European music which blends the historical cultural influences on Malta.
Skorba played at the 2007 National Folk Festival where readers may have come across their performances.

They were also finalists in the MusicOz awards for the World/Folk section in 2007.
The title of the CD is important.

Skorba have dedicated it to the Neolithic temples of Malta and their ancient designers and builders.

These are the oldest known, freestanding roofed stone buildings anywhere in the World predating the pyramids by 2000 years.
Tracks on the CD range from “Merhba” which is a welcome and unifying track, through to “Qalbi Mieghek” about a yearning for home.
Many of the tracks such as “Mnajdra: Daytime”, “Mnajdra: Evening” and the title track “Hagar Qim” pay tribute to the temples.
Other tracks pay tribute to the Temple period and the people of the time such as “Mil Attena s’ghal Belt” and “Skorba”.

The diversity of music is one of the great features of our folk scene and I hope it remains strong. The acceptance and embracing of music from other cultures is a fine unifying force in modern Australia.

If you are interested in this area of music this CD will be a fine addition to your collection.

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