Spondooli Brothers – An Anthology of Revised Ambiguities


Guitar stranglers Bradfield Dumpleton and Luke Yates are masters of quirk with a love of well-crafted exotic guitar music. Their all-original repertoire is a rich blend of flavours, tipping their hats to gypsy, eurofolk, djangojazz, south americas and momentary warps into hillbilly and circus music – all delivered with customary eloquence and humour.

“The debut CD of the Spondooli Brothers (gasp! amazed hush falls over the expectant global audience). Yes, now you can own your own copy of the recording of these two daredevil acoustical guitarists as they play outrageously thrilling and dangerous tunes with no safety net of any kind and probably not a lot of life insurance! Thrill as they explore original ideas influenced by klezmer, hot jazz, blues, ragtime, and pure craziness from somewhere unpronounceable in Eastern Europe. Gasp as they produce riffs of dazzling complexity and chord sequences of unpredicatable elegance. You’ll be amazed at their talents in many directions, and hear just a little bleating into the bargain (I kid you not). Be first on your street to possess this fantastic plastic… and it’s worth it just for the CD artwork from brother Bradfield, though the music is equally good.
The Spondoolis are Luke Yates and Bradfield Dumpleton (yes really) and a cast of assistants produce sounds of delight to spice up the CD. This album, recorded wonderfully sympathetically by Geoff Francis of Huon Delta Studios is predominantly acoustic guitar music, with the odd song, yes and bleats too, of a fascinating and very listenable original
kind. No 1 seller on indie-cds.com Jan 2006.” Review by Malcolm Fielding.

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