Stormcellar – Nuevo Retro


Stormcellar – Nuevo Retro
CD review by Chris Spencer

I was surprised, but pleasantly so, when I began listening to this CD.
This is the 2nd album from Sydney group Stormcellar.
While the band cite influences from rock, country, folk, blues, jazz and pop, (was there a genre they omitted to mention?) this album is more country blues influenced.
The first track, “Can’t Tax Love” is a great introduction to the band.
Bluesy, slide guitar, a bit of boogie, a tasty guitar solo and a vocalist who has a reedy voice compared to say the vocalist from Canned Heat, rather than a deep, black blues voice.
Another surprise was the sentiments of track 3, “Don’t Get Around Much” which has an environmental theme, with harmonica and slide guitar assisting.
Perhaps the centre piece of the album is “Roscoe’ Boogie” which is a driving boogie, told from the point of view of a friend commenting on his mate going to war.
While it’s not an obvious anti-war song, there are sentiments that make the listener question the “excitement” of being in the army, parachuting out of planes and being where the action is!
Another strong song follows – “7 Days” – that has a powerful riff and is fat and bluesy.
It’s a love song of sorts as the singer grapples with his love of gambling and that of his girl!
“Last Drinks at Glenrowan” is the band’s foray into folk while “Swamp Monster” is appropriately swampy.
The jaunty, bluesy last song, “Drink You Off My Mind” is a male drinking song, which shows the band’s sense of humour – vis “ I just need a little time at the bar to drink you off my mind!’
On the strength of this album, I’ll be more than tempted to try and have a listen to their first album.
Much more blues than folk, though and there’s nothing wrong with that

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