Sydney Balalaika Orchestra – Mail Troika


An Australian group of 23 musicians and vocalists performing classical Russian folk music on origonal instruments in authentic costumes under musical director Victor Serghie.

Sydney Balalaika Orchestra – Mail Troika
Review by John Williams

One of the joys of this job is listening to music you may not have listened to much in the past and finding that you really like it.
This was the case with this CD.
The Sydney Balalaika Orchestra was formed as a small ensemble in the seventies and now boasts more than twenty musicians and vocalists.
The group is made up of several nationalities which combine to present the listener with music which runs the whole gamut of the Russian experience from drama to pathos.
The group is so multi-cultural it includes an alto domra/guitar player with the surname of Smith!
The Sydney Balalaika Orchestra has the aim of bringing the folk music of Russia to the people of Australia.
The instruments used are traditional.
The group has a vibrant, tight sound which really grows on you the more you play it.
Tracks include well known pieces such as Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance along with several pieces by other classical and traditional Russian composers.
The rest of the CD is made up of Traditional folk tunes.
All are played with passion and the CD makes for an exciting listening experience.
The musicianship is of a very high standard.
A highlight of the CD is the strong male and female voices which feature on a number of tracks.
I can recommend this CD to anyone who has an interest in Russian music.
It will not disappoint.
This CD is available from Trad&Now for $25 and I guess you’ll be rushin’ to buy it. (Sorry I couldn’t resist it.)

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