Tell Heaven – Live at the Judy


A seven piece All Star Gospel Revue recorded live at the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane, playing music from the mountain to the Mississippi – Tell Heaven: Long on Harmony – Short on humbug
Tell Heaven (All Star Gospel Revue) – Live at the Judy
Review by Ian Dearden
Put together the cream of Brisbane’s folk/jazz/roots performers, give them some great gospel tunes to sing, give them a stage at the fabulous Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts (better known as ‘The Judy’ for obvious reasons) and yes, you’re in heaven! One early spring evening in September, 2006, Leah Cotterell and Pearly Black (vocals), Helen Russell (bass & vocals), Jamie Clark (guitar, vocals), John Rodgers (violin, organ, vocals), Coojee Timms (vocals, guitar) and Kym Ambrose (drums) saw the light and we were all saved. Whether you believe or not, this is gospel music with passion, commitment and fantastic musicianship, all bubbling out of that wonderful melting pot which is the Brisbane music scene in the 21st century and recorded live. We are blessed and so will you be, if you get to hear this CD. From the massed harmonies on “Down to the River to Pray”, to the channelling of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley on two different arrangements of “Run On”, to the Staples Singers’ “Each Day” – there’s something to save everyone.

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