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Tiffany Eckhardt is a singer/ songwriter from southwestern Victoria. She started her career by busking her way around Australia, but in a short space of time and over three superb CDs, she has established herself as one of Australia’s finest songwriters.

She is a firm favorite on the major festival circuit, her beautiful voice and positive country/folk songs have won her a large following in just a few years.Her music continues to get airplay on national and regional ABC radio including TripleJ.

“I still remember reviewing her last CD (Leap of Faith) and the joy it brought me listening to it. And again I feel a certain warmth as I listen to this new album and ask myself: why do I feel emotionally uplifted? It is obviously a number of factors giving me that “warm, fuzzy feeling”. One: the musical arrangements and instrumental playing are just great, the subtle translucent textures of the variety of acoustic stringed instruments provide such supportive and never overpowering support, and the near absence of drums is a bonus – they would be destructive and out of place here. Congratulations to Dave Steel, Sandy Brady, John Bedggood, Mark Wadle and others. Two: the unique vocal timbre’ qualities (of Tiffany) feel like the voice is floating gently along, almost breaking up sometimes, but still very expressive – it’s just that the dynamics are still there, they are just at a different level, rewarding when you are really listening. Three: the recording and mastering is crisp and of good quality. Four: The song writing and interpretation has a refreshingly positive, deceivingly simple, and soulfully loving message to it. It appears that motherhood, a loving relationship and relatively peaceful life outside a stressful big city has enhanced Tiffany’s writing greatly, especially leaning towards one major and worthwhile message: is the treasure… is the saviour… is the healer, more precious than silver & gold..” I could not agree more! And a beautiful and strongly haunting song like “Wounded Heart” just proves the rule of the exception, and the idea that one cannot truly appreciate happiness if one has never experienced deep sadness.” Review by Dieter Bajzek.

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