Tipbook – Flute & Piccolo

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The Tipbook Series books are handy, accessible, thorough and convenient guides for players who want to get the most out of their instrument. They are written in collaboration with and proofread by musicians, teachers, technicians and other experts – for beginners, students and advanced players. Features include: lessons, teachers and practicing * all jargon explained * basic background information * price indications * the history and the family of the instrument * and more. The flute and piccolo book covers topics such as selecting and play-testing flutes and piccolos, choosing headjoints, playing tips, maintenance and more. “Highly recommended for flute players of all levels.” (Matthew Bright, Flutewise) “The Tipbook concept is excellent. These attractively presented little books show clear layout and accessibly short paragraphs. The layout and information are clear and concise.” (Australian Music Teacher Magazine)

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