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The band: Carl Pannuzzo gourd djembe, gourd foot rattle, percussion, guido the gourd guiro (10, 12); Penelope Swales gourd guitar, stomp gourd, gourd mandolin (9), gourd shaker (11) and gourd singing ; Andrew Clermont gourd violin, gourd mandolin, gourd guitar (9) and gourd vox; Mal Webb gourd bass, gourd trumpet (6, 7), mbira (7),
bandmouth (7, 9) and other gourd laryngeal stuff.

All the gourd instruments used are made by Penelope Swales and Jack Spira.

About the artist: Four outrageously diverse singer-songwriter-musicians united under gourd. Indeed, playing instruments made from these wooden cucubits brings their music together to make folk funk philosophy to feed your wildest pumpkin longings. Penelope Swales (guitar), Carl Pannuzzo (drums), Mal Webb (bass, mbira and bugle) and Andrew Clermont (violin, mandolin, and guitar) sing songs written by themselves and a few dear friends. All the instruments are handmade from gourds by Penelope under the guidance of home-grown, world renowned luthier, Jack Spira. Outrageous eclectic beauty. Imagine Joni Mitchell and James Brown getting down in Bob Marley’s pumpkin patch in gourdy costumes.

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