Tracey Roberts – Parallel Universe


The new CD By Tracy Roberts contains 11 rich and diverse songs which, as Paul Strahan, recording producer, likes to say…”It’s a little slice of history”.

True enough, as this collection of songs looks not only at the eternally powerful theme of love for partner, (Forever), passion (In the blood) and children (SNAP) but also at very strong issues for everyone in the 21st century – the stresses of living in the information age (Liquid Blue), concerns about the environment and terrorism (Rainbows after rain) and dictatorship (Magic Wand). There are also some wonderfully spiritual true-story songs (Charlie, Grandpa’s watch) and the favourite hit emerging appears to be the song Tracey wrote about her 4WD (if Joni can do it with Big Yellow Taxi, Tracey can do it with Big Red Truck!). This album is powerful yet smooth, it’s fun, dynamic and thought provoking with melodic songs, intelligent lyrics, strong arrangements and exceptional musicianship. Style and sass.

Tracey Roberts – Parallel Universe
Review by John Williams
Parallel Universe is Tracey Roberts’ sixth CD of original material. This is testimony to her ability, longevity in the music scene and her perseverance. Tracey has been performing for many years and has a wealth of experience both in Australia and overseas in cabaret, fi ve-star hotels, pubs, clubs, radio, television and festivals, both small and large. She was even part of a band which supported Arlo Guthrie on his 1980’s Australian tour. Tracey has performed solo, in duets and in other singing combinations. Her voice is beautiful to listen to and refl ects her early voice training. Coupled with this is Tracey’s undoubted musical talent. On this CD alone, Tracey accompanies herself on piano, strings, wurlitzer, cello, glockenspiel and clapping sticks. She has also surrounded herself with other high caliber musicians on this CD. Tracey has spent a lot of her career as a cabaret/club artist and it was this ‘feel’ which I most enjoyed on this CD. Her voice is perfect for this type of environment. I enjoyed all 11 tracks on the CD. A particular favorite was “Charlie”, one of the best songs I’ve heard about our relationship with indigenous Australians. The lyrics are superbly constructed. Tracey is a poet and this song is worth the purchase price on its own. The title track “Parallel Universe” is also a wonderful song about the choices we make in life. Who amongst us has not wondered, ‘What if….?’ “Big Red Truck” is a delightful ode to a real four wheel drive. I loved the dig at the “Toorak Tractors”. It brought a smile to my face as so many four wheel drives never leave the bitumen. The love song “Forever” is also memorable, as is “Magic Wand”, a strongly worded song about the injustices in the world. Other personal tracks include “Grandpa’s Watch” and “A Good Life”. Both are worth a listen. “Snap” is a powerful song about the love of a mother for her child. It was inspired by a real life encounter with a lioness protecting her cubs which Tracey experienced in Zimbabwe. “Rainbows After Rain” is a song of hope, despite the evil things happening in the world today. If you like meaningful lyrics delivered by an artist with years of experience and a beautiful voice then you could do a lot worse than to consider this CD for your collection. I enjoyed it.

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