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67 Pages with CD included

Vreni was born in Switzerland and emigrated to Australia at the age of 23. She became interested in folk music when a bush band played at her children’s school fete. Soon after she began playing tin whistle. In 1999 she wrote her first tune and has been writing them ever since.

This is her second book of Tunes from the Tropics, with jigs, reels, hornpipes, airs, waltzes, marches and more. The tunes suit the range of a D whistle and are therefore playable on most instruments.

Contents include:


Foreword by Greg O’Leary

Index of tunes

46 Tunes with chords

4 Tunes with harmonies by Marg Sherringham

1 Arrangement for classical guitar by Marg Sherringham

About the tunes, a section telling the story behind every tune

CD with 22 tracks. Recorded by various people and instruments on equipment ranging from professional to mobile phone.

Quote from the foreword by Greg O’Leary:

“Vreni has the knack of being able to create a melody that is unique and catchy. She has a Swiss background. This, combined with nearly 50 years in Australia and a keen interest in its Folk Music, has enabled her to produce tunes that reflect a broad spread of styles and are imbued with a spirit all her own.

Traditional music needs to have new material composed to reflect its passage through our current era and beyond, to keep the body of material fresh and interesting. Vreni is at the forefront of trad music in this sense.

This volume is full of excellent tunes and I bet, some will be appealing enough for you to include in your repertoire.”

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