Warren Fahey – Australia Folk Songs & Bush Verse Vol 2 CD 2



Traditional songs are the product of the community rather than songs created for commercial gain. The majority of the songs and poems on this album express anger or frustration all expressed in their own individual style. Some make their point with wit and parody, some hit like a hammer; others leave you up in the air. This collection follows four main threads exploring the songs associated with political and social change in an ever-changing Australia: the shearing strikes of the 1890s, the struggles on the coalfields, early factory life, and the Australian at war.

Track Listing

1. A Bushman’s Song
2. Shearer’s Hardships (The Chinese Cook)
3. The Union Boy
4. Unity Boys
5. Baa Baa Merino Sheep
6. Knock! Knock!
7. That Dirty Little Traitor, Billy Hughes
8. Billy Hughes’ Army
9. The Win The War Party
10. The Miner
11. When You Give That Tuppence Back, Charlie Dear
12. Lithgow Onwards Struggle
13. Norman Brown
14. Packer The Scab
15. The Sunshine Railway Disaster
16. Billy Sheehan
17. Rafferty And Cafferty
18. Bump Me Into Parliament
19. The New Exhibit
20. Tom Blamey’s Boys
21. The Great Australian Adjective
22. The Nose On My Old Man
23. Dear Liz
24. Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire
25. How Would Yer Be?

About the artist: Offering a unique repertoire of rare broadsides, goldfields minstrel songs, old bush songs, larrikin ditties, children’s rhymes and songs about early city slickers. Warren Fahey is joined by fellow ‘larrikins’ Marcus Holden, Clare O’Meara and Garry Steel.

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