Wendy Ealey – Out of the Shower


Meet Wendy Ealey. Chortling before she could walk, harmonising with her Grandpa by three and still no danger of her shutting up. Insightful lyrics have you “oh yeah-ing” the first time you hear them. Truthful, moving and fine.

On this album Wendy takes you through a journey of the saddest to the silliest, gentle sorrow to outrage.

Wendy Ealey – Out of the Shower
Review by John Williams

In the cover notes to this CD Wendy says she wrote to Janis Ian asking permission to sing the classic song “Jesse”.
The reply was, “Wendy, there is no such thing as a singer/songwriter of little consequence.”
After listening to this CD many times I am surprised that Wendy thought of herself in this way as this CD is a beauty.
The review took quite a while to write as I had to keep stealing the CD back from my wife who took a real liking to it.
Everyone I played it to also thought it was terrific.
There are thirteen tracks, ten of which were written by Wendy.
Wendy can write very powerful lyrics.
Her song, “Bigger Than This” about our Government’s attitude to refugees deserves wide airplay but probably won’t make commercial radio.
That’s why we have the ABC.
Another political and thought provoking track is “Riding on Uncertainty”.
Wendy also shows her abilities with many highly personal tracks.
“Cautionary Tale” shows what happens to a partner who cheats.
“Child of my Heart” has such a sense of longing it could easily move you to tears.
“Walls” is about a relationship break-up and getting over it.
My favorite track is the very amusing “Dancing”.
This song will surely fill the halls of Australia with willing dance participants!
At the very least you are guaranteed a good laugh.
The title track, “She’s Out of the Shower” is possibly autobiographical.
If this is the case then Australia has gained a great singer/songwriter who has the ability to construct meaningful lyrics and perform them with great vocal talent.
There are many other fine tracks on this CD.
You won’t be disappointed if you purchase it.
And I’ll bet Janis Ian will be pleased with Wendy’s cover of “Jesse”.

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