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Ami Williamson – Close to Home CD Review by John Williams
Ami Williamson is a talented singer/songwriter who has created a powerful album which is well worth a listen. She has a lovely voice which I found very easy to listen to. When younger, she won an opera scholarship to Germany and studied acting with Hayes Gordon. Another highlight is the beautiful piano playing accompaniment from Ami herself. She is a trained pianist with a Bachelor of Music degree from Sydney Conservatorium and has a Licentiate of Music in Singing (AMEB). In addition, she has done several tours with her father, country music star, John Williamson. She is a talented artist indeed with many strings to her bow (or should that be dulcimer, which she also plays?) Amy writes from the heart and sings her songs with passion. It is an album which continues to grow on you with repeated listening. All tracks are deserving of a good listen and there are some memorable tracks on the album. ‘The Soldier’s Wife’ is a poignant reminder of one of the forgotten sufferers from war. It pertains more to an earlier generation but sadly there are relationships currently undergoing the same pressure due to our current military involvements. We’d do well to take the sentiments of this song on board. ‘My Sister and I’ is one of the best tracks I have listened to about sibling relationships. If you have a sibling, I’m sure you will relate strongly to the beautiful lyrics in the song. There are the relationship songs you would expect in this genre and they do not disappoint. ‘So Not in Touch’ and ‘He’s Shy, I’m Not’ stand out. There are also a beautifully written but sad Father/Daughter song ‘All I Had’. You can hear the pain in Ami’s voice as she performs a lovely rendition of the song from the heart. Ami Williamson is a talented artist who deserves a listen. I liked the CD and I can recommend it to readers without hesitation.

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