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About the artist: A powerful voice with a hint of soul. A storytelling troubadour with a penchant for folk, Anita George has toured extensively throughout Australia, Canada, Mexico and South America, wowing audiences around the world with her powerhouse voice, slide guitar, and stories of adventure, with her trademark exuberant stage presence.

Anita George ‘The River’ CD Review by John Williams

This five track CD (do we still call them EPs?) is a delight. Anita is an experienced singer/songwriter from Tasmania who has travelled to a number of countries to showcase her work. She came late to the music scene while at University but has made up for lost time since then. Anita has completed tours of Canada, America, Mexico and South America. She has used these tours to further her musicianship. Anita has not been afraid to try anything in her quest to share her music and was a Grand Finalist in the Australian Busking Championships of 2005. You could say she has done the hard yards. Anita has a unique style of singing which is catching. She is also a fine musician. Now to the CD itself. On the CD Anita is backed by Daniel McCracken-Hewson, Jed Rowe and Ben Gorrie. The first track ‘The Lost’ deals with the ending of a relationship and her inability to move on. She engages you on this track with her use of her voice as part of the accompaniment. The title track ‘The River’ deals with ways we support each other through the river of life. I enjoyed it. ‘Prodigal Son’ is the hopes for life an adult passes onto a child. I found it quite inspiring. ‘Shades of Colour’ showcases Anita’s ability on the harmonica (she has had lessons with Carlos de Junco the World Harmonica Champion). This is a positive song about life and our need to grasp it. The philosophies in this song are simple yet could be life changing. It was my favorite track on the CD. The final track, ‘Soar’ shows how we can all reach our potential if we have someone we can love or rely on who will help us to soar. Anita is a unique talent with a message to share. I enjoyed this CD and found it uplifting.


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