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CD REVIEW – by Don Bannister.
The Front Cover is an immediate eye grabber with her NAME, and PICTURE being put in your face and the title in nice readable size print, even from a distance. Vriend has themed the front with steps and her name going up and she has an attaché case to go with the spies theme. The Songs; All the songs are excellent, very singable and they stay in your head and are a pleasure to sing, which is amazing because I wouldn’t normally listen to this type of music but it has grown on me and I love it. (If we are not) Spies sounds at the start like a spy thriller soundtrack, and she maintains the spy theme and has a great chorus line surrounded by a great melody. Central Park Monday has Vriend’s vocals soaring and again is very listenable and singable. Vriend’s arrangement of Neil Young’s Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World is a credit to her. “Start Over” really tests Vriend’s vocals and doesn’t fail to please. Where you are is another very singable song with some great Kazoo playing. The worst song on Vriend’s CD is better than some peoples best . General comments All in all this is an excellent album. It contains excellent vocals, great musicianship, excellent choreography of music and CD cover and its layout. Congratulations Anne, your hard work is a credit to you.

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