Australian Hillbilly Artists – Can I Sleep in your Barn Tonight


Australian Hillbilly Radio Hits 1926-33: Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister? TN197-65 Featuring: P.C. Spouse, Mayo Hunter, Harry Cash, Len Maurice, Freddie Witt, Queenie & David Kaili, The Tow Barnstormers, The Hill-Billy Singers.
Hillbilly radio songs from the 1940’s and featuring wonderfully corny songs like The Song of the Prune, Barnacle Bill plus many more. Track Listing: 1. The Prisoner’s Song – P.C Spouse 2. Honolulu March – Mayo Hunter 3. The Black Yodel – Harry Cash 4. My Blue Heaven – Mayo Hunter 5. Song of the Prune – Len Maurice 6. The Gay Caballero – Len Maurice 7. The Big Rock Candy Mountain 8. The King of Borneo – Len Maurice 9. Barnacle Bill – Len Maurice 10. Return of Barnacle Bill – Len Maurice 11. When It’s Springtime in the Rockies – Queenie & David Kalli 12. They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree – Len Maurice & Freddie Witt 13. The Face on the Bar-room Floor – Len Maurice 14. Red River Valley – Len Maurice 15. A Picture of Life’s Other Side – Len Maurice 16. Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister? – Len Maurice 17. Weeping Willow Tree – Len Maurice 18. Mary Jane Waltz – The Two Barnstormers 19. Wildflower Waltz – The Two Barnstormers 20. When I Get to the End of the Way – The Hill-billy Singers

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