Ballpoint Penguins – Taking the Plunge


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The Ballpoint Penguins deliver delightful three-part a cappella harmony and impeccable dress sense. This neat musical package conceals subversive wit and wordcraft on domestic dysfunctions ranging from Tupperware obsession to interpretive whalesong and the aphrodisiac power of the common vacuum cleaner. Anticipate the unexpected. Can decapitation lead to self-actualisation? Dojellyfish figure in wealth creation? Impotence, death, housework—nothing is sacred, but everything is treated with a (reasonably) tasteful touch. Original songs and parodies, together with classics and new finds of with the occasional soulful ballad accompanied on guitar or up the quirky canon, are varied tempo pop number given the a cappella treatment. Mellow harmonies range from barbershop to gospel to contemporary pop styles, with morsels of classics, blues, ragtime and country. The Ballpoint Penguins formed in 2003. 2008-09 performances have included Port Fairy Folk Festival (Vic.), the National Folk Festival (ACT), Cygnet Folk Festival (Tas.) and many Western Australian festivals including Fairbridge Festival and Nannup Music Festival.
Track listing. All songs by C. Dixon, K. Egan and T. Fisher copyright 2006 unless noted.
1. Air on a Tea Towel 2. The Galaxy Song (Eric Idle & John du Prez, copyright EMI) 3. Jellyfish Rag 4. Domestic Goddess 5. Renovation Rescue 6. The Gates (trad, lyrics by G. diCostanzo & P. Sabourin, C. Dexter Haven Music, ASCAP Sleestak Serenade Music) 7. Istanbul (J. Kennedy and N. Simon, c. J. Albert and Son). 8. Mosquito-bitten Blues 9. Committee (trad., Phong Ngo). 10. Head Holiday 11. Haircut 12 Gaudete (trad.)

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