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CD REVIEW – by Don Bannister
The Front Cover is another
immediate eye grabber with
Schelkers name and a picture
of Bettina in a wedding dress
and the title is in huge print,
even from a distance.
The Back Cover.
There is a picture of Bettina on a
Whilst all the song titles
numbered and names its authors, it
is not timed.
For myself this is an important
part as a Radio presenter, though
not so important for others.
Schelker has omitted her personal
contact details but has given web
details for CD sales.
The Inside Cover has more
pictures of Schelker on her horse, a
There is also a little booklet
but unfortunately it contains
performance dates and venues
which were in 2007.
A website would have been better
as this can be updated.
There are no words to her songs.
There is also a dedication to gay
and lesbians who have been victim
of homophobic attacks.
There is also a mention of
musicians on the album and thanks
to her wife Ina and her mother and
grandmother et al for their support,
love and assistance.
The Songs; are mostly ballads
and some have very funky jazzy
Six of the tracks are in German
Schelkers English is excellent and
she has a very lovely voice.
General comments
All in all this is a great album.
It contains excellent vocals,
great musicianship, excellent
choreography of music and CD
cover and its layout.
Congratulations Bettina, your
hard work is a credit to you.

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