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Buck and Deanne – Demons Passed CD Review by John Williams
This is a fine CD which is well worth a listen. Buck and Deanne have assembled a group of fi ne backing musicians to create a quality CD. The fi rst track, ‘One Day There You Were’, is a country fl avored tune about how Paul Buckberry and Deanna Dale fi rst met at Major’s Creek Folk Festival. It is followed by a further track about their growing relationship at the St. Albans Folk Festival, ‘Filthy Cute Man’. ‘Hymn 85’ also adds to the story of their relationship back at Major’s Creek. Those folk festivals sure have a lot to answer for! Don’t get the idea that this relationship is all the CD is about, far from it. Paul wrote six of the tracks on the CD and the pair co-wrote another. ‘Back Home in Aberdeen’ is a beautiful tribute song to a mate of Buck’s. It is sung from the heart and worth a listen. Deanne’s cute rendition of ‘Pinned to the Sky’ about unrequited love was also enjoyable They take the rest of their musical selections from a wide variety of artists such as Bob Dylan’s ‘Mama, You’ve been on my Mind’ and Bruce Springsteen’s ‘If I Should fall behind’. The latter track has some great harmonica work by Jim Stubbs in the backing. I really enjoyed ‘Last of the Riverboats’ by the late Andy Durant. ‘The Nihilistic Cowboy’ is a country song which Buck wrote at Tamworth in 2009. The infl uence of his surroundings at the time oozes from the song. ‘Electric Chair Blues’, a traditional song combining Robert Johnson style guitar work with a gruesome murder ballad lyric, was a hoot. I defy anyone to listen to it and not be totally involved in the storyline. The CD fi nishes with another self penned track ‘The Matriarch Song’. I feel there are some ‘mother’ issues around somewhere. I should also mention the artwork on the cover notes and the CD itself. They are of the highest quality and other performers should take note as it can help to ‘sell’ a CD. This was a diverse and enjoyable CD which I have no hesitation in recommending.

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