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In the last few years the Davidson Brothers have gained a lot of momentum in the country music industry. Hamish and Lachlan do many recording sessions and regularly perform live on national television. Highlights include Hey, Hey Its Saturday, The Panel, Good Morning Australia and playing on The Man From Snowy River soundtrack. The pair have toured with Troy Cassar-Daley, Lee Kernaghan and shared the stage with superstars such as Tommy Emmanuel, Kasey Chambers and Jimmy Barnes. The Davidson Brothers have been finalists in the Australian Country Music Awards for Instrumental of the Year in 2004, 2005 & 2007. They won Best Instrumental in the Independent Australian Country Music Awards in 2004, 2005 & 2007

Davidson Brothers (self titled)
by Ian Dearden

That high lonesome bluegrass sound, invented by Bill Monroe in the late 1940s, has now spread far and wide across the world.

Lachlan and Hamish Davidson (the Davidson Brothers) hail from country Victoria, but they have clearly imbued themselves with the key elements of bluegrass, both instrumentally and vocally.

On this album, their fifth, and the second that they’ve recorded in Nashville, the brothers Davidson demonstrate superb instrumental chops (between them they play banjo, mandolin and fiddle), and they sing, both solo and in (brotherly) harmony, like bluegrass angels!

Their backup musicians complement their sound superbly – I guess that’s why you go to Nashville to record.

Of particular note is the haunting dobro playing of RobIicks, although all the musicianship is immaculate throughout the whole CD. Then, just to prove that the lads are not just one trick ponies, they slip into a beautiful instrumental swing number (Tipsy Gypsy) that would not be out of place on a Stephane Grapelli album.

A quick squiz at their website (www.davidsonbrothers.com) reveals a string of instrumental, vocal, performing and songwriting awards, not to mention appearances in person and on TV throughout Australia and the USA. And if it all goes pear shaped, they’re both studying at tertiary level for non-musical careers!

This album shows clearly that contemporary Australian bluegrass is in safe hands.

Listen and enjoy yourself immensely.

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