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Doris are a Western Australian duo made up of Margie Hanly and Jane Cornes. Producing original music that spans a range of styles and moods. Described at the 2007 National Folk Festival as “Acoustic purity, intoxicating harmony and wry humour”

CD REVIEW – By John Williams

Doris hail from Western Australia. Margie Hanly is a Perth native and Jane Cornes has lived there for the past twenty fi ve years since coming from England. They are becoming very well known and have appeared at a number of festivals and gigs in the past twelve months.

They have a great stage presence. Who could forget their performance at the 2007 National in the Sound of Music competition or Jane’s contribution to the Great Poetry Debate.

On this CD they have written all their own material. Jane and Margie’s voices intertwine beautifully and the mellow guitar backings are just right for the two girls’ singing.

Now to the CD.“Take Me to Your Country” is a beautiful song. “Sugar Daddy” will never be a feminist anthem but is most enjoyable nonetheless. “Only Mine” is a breaking up song. “Emma’s Song” shows the redeeming power of love. “Circus” is a delight. The lyrics are witty. “No” is a powerful song about the things women agree to in life, often against their best interests. “Chains” is a song about a girl trying to do all she can to avoid getting hooked by a lover.

You’ll enjoy the lyrics on this track. “It’s Enough” is another lovely song with a positive message about accepting our life for what it is. “Primavera Meat Man” is hilarious, the lyrics are very cleverly written. This was my favorite track. “Glass of Wine” is a great song for those moments when we just need a drink. “Oolong High” is beautifully sung. “The Hate Song” is another very funny song with very witty lyrics. “Work” should never be played on a Monday morning.

Listen to it and you’ll know why! The CD ends with the title track “Whisper the Moon” and is a lovely way to finish. This is a fine CD from two very talented singer/songwriters. Their fans have probably bought it already.

If you haven’t been a fan up till now and buy this CD I am certain you will quickly become one. And look out for Doris at a Festival near you, you won’t be disappointed.

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