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The Drongo and the Crow delivers lively songs and ripping yarns from Australia’s slums and cities, goldfields and pastoral country. We revive the lost songs of inner city Sydney and Melbourne and showcase them alongside the better known outback standards. The band formed in 2016 and has released two CDs, with a third due for release in October 2023 (we can also be found on Spotify). The foundation of the band is accordion, drums and double bass. We’re the resident band at the Eynesbury and Beckley Park Community Markets, regularly appeared at the City of Melton Djerriwarrh and Lakeside Festivals and have played on TV and radio, and at pubs, clubs, markets and festivals across Victoria’s west. We’ve been booked for the past three Newport Folk Festivals, the last two Ballarat Heritage festivals and Sandford Bush Music festivals (and again for 2024). At our market and festival performances we bring a large roll of artificial turf and case of musical instruments, giving children in the audience a chance to join in. In addition to giving a little of the history of each song, we also provide useful life tips for the children on topics such as… – Successful Bushranging the Frank Gardiner Way – Women in Industry – What can we learn from Big Poll the Grogseller? and – Cooking on a budget with Wallaby Stew It’s fun, it’s musical, it’s edumacational!


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