Eirerobics – Diane Laverty


Review by John Williams

I had just spent fruitless hours searching my bookcase for Irish Dancing, Volume 2, ‘What To Do With Your Arms’ when the editor sent me this CD to review. It solved my problem and ended my search. Not only can you move your arms to this CD but all the rest of your body as well. The CD comes as a companion to a DVD which I did not have the opportunity to review so I guess this is only half the story. Suffice to say if you have any knowledge at all of aerobic movement or just like to jig around then you will get value from this CD. The music is provided by Cady Finlayson on fiddle, Padraig Allen on guitar and Tim Alworth on bodhran and snare. They combine well to provide a great sound for movement activities. It’s toe tapping Irish music which defies you to remain seated. They are all accomplished musicians which makes for a great listening experience. The CD begins with a warm up march then goes into some music for stretching exercises. The music moves into half a dozen different jigs and reels and concludes with a cool down track. (I lasted through the warm up track at this stage! I have work to do. I know there is a six pack in there somewhere!) My little granddaughter found it easy to move to and really enjoyed it and that’s enough recommendation for me. If you like Irish music this would be good for just a listen but if you want to exercise as well it doubles in value. I can recommend it but you would need the DVD as well if you want to gain the most from the aerobic aspect.

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