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“Sam” – the new solo album by Fergusson, a new face on the contemporary acoustic/folk scene. All tracks were written played and recorded and mixed by Fergusson and the result is an album which truly represents a fresh take on the folk genre. The album has a distinctly “live” feel, staying true to the live performances of the artist. Acoustic guitars in multiple tunings, Irish bouzoukis, and voices are neatly blended and utilised in this album, along with fine songwriting full of imagery, the result of which appeals to all audiences, not merely folk devotees. “Sam” is an album which neatly crosses multiple genres and heralds the arrival of a new voice worthy of attention. 2. “Sam” track listing: 1. The Porter 2. Dancing by myself 3. Drowning in my Sin 4. Dodger’s Revenge 5. Harder than anything else 6. Soon 7. 14 8. She’s Leaving 9. Still Sweating 10. Wishing on a bar 11. Snuffy (live version-almost) 3. Fergusson is a solo artist specialising in acoustic, original music that is heavily influenced by the folk genre. A one time member of the popular Australian folk outfit the Creel, Fergusson has previously played at most of the major folk festivals in the country, including Woodford, The National, Port Fairy and the Blue mountains folk festival. After a hiatus of some 9 years, Fergusson finally returned to the musical stages with a new solo album “Sam”, a collection of original songs, deftly embracing the increasingly popular genres of acoustic/folk/rock/ and roots, the album was released in December 2008 to critical acclaim. Fergusson has been building up a new following with the fresh material, and has performed to great applause at venues both popular and folk orientated around Sydney. His style while a blend of genres is unique, appealing to folk fans but also to a new generation of young audience members for whom the Irish Bouzouki is something quite new and exciting. While incorporating multiple guitar tunings to increase diversity and breadth of expression, it is Fergusson’s use of the Irish Bouzouki as a solo and accompanying instrument for his voice in a contemporary sense, which is creating a swell of noticeable interest from audiences. Most recently, Fergusson has included the use of loops and stompbox to further enlarge his live sound, allowing for greater intricacy, harmonization and rhythmic drive. After playing extensively around Australia in the first half of 2009, Fergusson will be taking his unique sound to the UK in the second half of the year.

Fergusson ‘Sam’ CD review by John Williams

Fergusson is a long time folk performer around Australia. He has returned to the scene after a break of a few years with this CD which was released late last year. This really is a solo effort with all songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Fergusson. His playing of an Irish Bouzouki blended with his interesting voice makes for a unique listening experience. His lovely guitar work is also a feature. The first track is a terrific instrumental piece, ‘The Porter’, which showcases Fergusson’s terrific Irish Bouzouki skills. It is a great introduction to the CD. ‘Dancing By Myself’ is about relationship problems. Has there ever been a better description of the face of an angry woman than Fergusson’s “every icicle is dripping”. Phew! ‘Dodger’s Revenge’ is an interesting take on Convict Transportation and worth a listen. I also enjoyed ‘Harder Than Anything Else’ about a breakup and ‘Still Sweating’ about being with one woman yet thinking of another. The latter track shows off Fergusson’s excellent guitar skills as does the song ‘14’. ‘She’s Leaving’ is a revenge song showing what could happen after a bitter breakup. I really enjoyed it. ‘Wishing on a Bar’ is about searching for a relationship. The final track, ‘Snuffy’, was a beautiful way to end the CD. It is about a man yearning for his lost love who has travelled overseas. The CD is about love, life, relationships, hope and breakups. It covers the human condition. Mention should be made of the presentation of the CD cover. It contains artwork by Arthur Rackham from ‘Some British Ballads’ (1919) and is one of the better presented covers I’ve seen. ‘Sam’ contains eleven tracks and is good value for money. I can recommend it as a good listen from a performer who has experienced the hard yards and is now creating the music he wants to using only his own resources/abilities. More power to him.

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