Fiona Beale – With Mike Deacon & Friends


Music that is hard to classify, having Celtic folk and jazz influences, while maintaining a refreshing originality. Fiona’s poetic lyrics passionately sung with her clear and beautiful quality. Unique arrangements of acoustic instruments; grand piano, cello, flute, guitar, percussion, saxophone and clarinet.

Fiona Beale with Mike Deacon and friends – Fiona Beale (self-titled)
Review by Ian Dearden

This self-titled debut album from Fiona Beale (who appears to hail from Woollongong or thereabouts) is a showcase for her delicate and seductive voice and the wonderfully sympathetic grand piano playing of Mike Deacon.
Fiona has written the 13 songs on the album – the three instrumentals come from the pen of Mike Deacon.
The talented “friends” (too many to list individually) contribute flute, cello, percussion, drums, guitar, sax, clarinet and bass – all superbly played and arranged.
It’s hard to put a finger on the style – beautifully orchestrated, piano-based singer/songwriter genre (with elements of jazz/cabaret/torchsinger) is the best I can do.
Elegant, peaceful but full of emotion – this is singing (and instrumental music) which touches the soul.
There can never be too much music in this world (in my humble opinion) that reaches out and speaks to our inner selves.
Terrific album artwork too – except that I wish Fiona had opened her eyes for the photo on the front cover.
Music like this is found somewhere deep within those dark pools, those windows to the soul – so give us all the chance to look into them!
You can find out a little bit more about Fiona, and get a taste of the album, at

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