Five Leaves Left – Lamia’s Song


5 Leaves Left- Lamia’s Song
CD review by Eric Ford, The Folk Show , Radio
Adelaide 101.5FM
5 Leaves Left,-the title of Nick
Drakle’s first album, released
in 1969, was named after the
warning in a packet of Rizla
cigarette papers.
Nick died in November 1974
5 Leaves Left,-an Oldham
(England) based 80’s influenced
rock group formed in January 2006.
I’m not sure whether they are still
5 Leaves Left –is also a NSW folk
band comprising- Nick Szenkuti on
vocals and acoustic guitar, Simon
Watts on Violin, Ian Morrison on
drums and Gillian Reynolds and
Maha Melhem on backing vocals.
Maha co-wrote the original
material with Nick.
The CD is almost an
extended play album only 7 tracks
and lasts just over 24 minutes.
I’m not sure if it is intended as a
It was recorded last year in the
Blue Mountains.
“In your Name” with I think an
Arabic spoken intro and bridge, is
the outstanding track for me.
It tells the familiar story of death
and destruction of the innocents.
It could be Iraq, Afghanistan or
Palestine, but done in “your” name.
“Evora Sings” is an evocative
“mood” song.
The instrumentals are well done
technically but for me lack oomph
or life.
Perhaps due to it being a studio
My toes however weren’t tapping.
“Carousel’ is a song of the
fairground alluding to life.
It is a pleasant song that just sort
of drifts away.
The title track “Lamia’s Song” is
a love song involving the death of
Lamia and the promise basically to
always be true and never forget her.
It is a well produced CD and
overall I enjoyed listening to it
However a warning note.
Who came first? The Blue
Mountain “Leaves” or the Oldham
Should International fame beckon
for either, who will have the rights
to the name (and what will Nick
Drake’s executors have to say)?
Remember Cliff Richard and the

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