Glenn Cardier – House of Mirrors


Highlights include “Free to Fly” (from the ABC/BBC Spike Milligan documentary), the roaring, soaring “Asylum Blues” and the dark humour of “Elvis at the Checkout”.

Glenn Cardier – House of Mirrors
Review by John Williams

Glenn Cardier has been around for a long time.
Glenn is an Australian artist who has been a support for artists as varied as Frank Zappa, Manfred Mann, Fairport Convention, and Cheech and Chong and he also appeared at the first two Sunbury Festivals in the seventies.
Glenn has written songs for Olivia Newton-John and worked with Spike Milligan.
Despite this background this is only his second CD in over twenty years.
It was worth the wait.
Very few artists have a unique voice (think Bob Dylan or Willie Nelson).
Glenn has a voice that is purely his own.
He sounds like no other artist.
Once you hear him you will never forget him.
Another bonus is that all the songs on the CD are his own and the quality of the writing makes this a CD to covet.
I was blown away on a first listen and this has not diminished with subsequent playings.
The opening track, “Water Finds Its Own Level”, is a bright opening with entertaining lyrics. “Strangers” will strike a chord with anyone who has ever met someone they think they know, but do they really?
“Wild in the Summertime” manages to look to the past but bring it into the present, all is still possible.
My favorite track, “Elvis at the Checkout”, is a fine tribute song with enough quirkiness to make it highly memorable.
“Asylum Blues” is an up tempo number.
The track name says it all!
“Dancing The Years Away” is a song of days gone by and should bring back many fond memories to listeners.
We have all met a “Mr. Happy” in our lives.
I’ll leave you to decide which of the lower rated occupations he represents (think politicians etc.).
“Free to Fly” is the most positive song on the CD.
No matter how down you get there is “always tomorrow” or “we fall in love” or “we sing songs of hope”.
Beyond Blue could do worse than use this one as its theme.
The title track, “House of Mirrors” is the opposite.
It wasn’t my favorite track.
The final track, “Come Back To Me” is a poignant love song about a lover begging a partner to come back.
Glenn’s guitar work is also a highlight throughout the CD.
This sounds like an afterthought but once you hear the voice and the lyrics you will know why.
This album is wonderful in all respects.
You will not regret it if you purchase this unique Australian CD.

About the artist: The reclusive singer-songwriter Glenn Cardier performs his songs and stories of dark humor. In the 70’s, he produced three albums of highly original folk/rock songs. He played the first two Sunbury festivals and worked with the likes of Frank Zappa, Spike Milligan, and Fairport Convention. Post 2000, Glenn has re-emerged as a songwriter/performer of real distinction.

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