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Released in conjunction with the Golden Fiddle Awards,This album has the new generation fiddling of Migel MacLean, Peter O’Shea and the ‘family’ bands of The Bostocks and the Davidson Brothers. Then there is Jenny Thomas who brings new life into a great fiddle-centric version of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and Ian Cooper makes his ‘Brazil’ swing. Original compositions are also featured, especially with the music of Sean O’Boyle, Marcela Taylor (nominated for this year’s CMAA Golden Guitar Instrumental of the Year) anMykl Lozin. Other artist include: Fiddlers Feast, Fourplay String Quartet, Peter O’Shea, Coda, Crooked Fiddle Band/Jessica Randall, Migel MacLean, CinCin.

CD REVIEW by Chris Spencer

Do you like your fiddle playing?
Or perhaps you prefer to call it a violin?
Then this CD is for you.

You want fiddle with vocals (listen to “The Devil”, “Little Words” or “Waltzing Matilda”); you want your fiddle with rock (try “Rocking Horse” or “Up Jumped Spring”); or perhaps you want some fiddle with bluegrass (“Hunter Valley Breakdown”); Country (“The Devil”); Folk (Beautiful Child); Brazilian (“Brazil”); or even classical (“Common Koel”).
I think you’ve got the idea.

This is an album to highlight the different musical settings of the fiddle in Australian music, encompassing almost every genre – I don’t recall hearing the fiddle used in reggae or perhaps a reader can inform us!

There’s not really a jazz number here either.
Warren Fahey, an executive producer at Rouseabout Records, provides some background on the history of the fiddle or violin in Australian music, suggesting a fiddle player probably came out with the first fleet.

He notes that one was transported for stealing musical instruments and from there its role in music on the goldfields and shearing sheds is outlined.

Fahey notes it was also used in “grander” environments such as government receptions, military marches or in the parlours of the aristocracy.

Featured on this CD is a whole swag of artists who perform using a fiddle:  there’s the new generation of players such as Nigel MacLean, Peter O’Shea, family bands such as The Bostocks & the Davidson Brothers.

As well as traditional tunes, the album features original songs of Sean O’Boyle, Marcela Taylor and Mykl Lozin.

Ensembles such as FourPlay String Quartet, CinCin, CODA, Dirty Lucy and Fiddler’s Feast are also featured.

The album is a testament to the variety of artists that have won awards at the Golden Fiddle Awards, first established in 2005 to acknowledge Australian fiddlers of any genre.
The album’s appeal is limited as folk enthusiasts may only enjoy tracks of folk related genres and be repulsed by some of the other tracks that use the violin in an unconventional manner.
Many other compilations face the same criticism – the music is so dichotomous that the listener often finds oneself using the remote to skip tracks.
I enjoyed the humour and irreverence of Golden Fiddlers.

“The Devil (Went down to Georgia)” on first listening surprised and amused, as did the hauntingly beautiful Sean O’Boyle composition “Pale Moon” performed (presumably by a relation) Mollie Collier-O’Boyle.

Mykl Lozin’s “Ollibod’s Jig” mixes a traditional jig with the ethereal backdrop of Enya with much success.

Jenny Thomas does a very unusual version of “Waltzing Matilda”.
The album comes with a 20 page booklet with information about the recordings, the bands and lists of awards the artists have won in the Golden Fiddle awards.

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