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From the World Famous ‘Herb Superb’!
Introducing Herb Superb and Potsongs, the comedy, party album that makes you proud to be Australian, even if you’re not! As for Herb Superb, nobody knows who he really is, except that he sure can songwrite and sing! What we do know is that he’s travelled the world, marches on Anzac Day (Australian Veteran’s Day) and has been a part of Australia’s music industry for quite a while.
There’s a rumour that Herb has the coveted Mo Award on his mantlepiece?

Finally the world famous Herb Superb has been convinced to publish his works, allowing us all to share in his life’s observations and laugh our heads off at the same time.Potsongs is a light hearted comedy album….seriously funny, seriously produced, seriously satirical with a couple of serious songs thrown in. Just don’t take it seriously, OK?
Potsongs welcome tokers and non-tokers to enjoy this album. This is comedy music and in no way encourages the use of drugs. They do however believe there is a case for medicinal use of marijuana and laughter as a means of controlling some of the pain in the world today.Potsongs accepts no responsibility for body or brain failure caused by falling off chairs, uncontrollable crying, laughing, singing and/or dancing in any way caused by listening to these songs. There’s ‘F’ words and other naughty expressions, so if you’re not yet 18, you may not go any further!
Closer to home, Australia’s Hash Headquarters in Nimbin NSW are jumping to the sounds of ‘Rollin’ Hills of Nimbin,’ ‘I Smoked It Once But I Didn’t Draw Back’ and ‘One Hundred Cone Billy’. “This is the funniest stuff we’ve ever heard” says Michael Balderstone, spokesperson for the Nimbin Hemp Embassy. “It’d put a smile on the face of the dead!”
Why order Potsongs? First, because this collection is very strong musically, very funny and takes the piss out of a subject that many take far too seriously. And it will be a huge hit at your next party and your friends will love it and if anyone asks you to make a pirate copy say “Fuck off and buy your own copy!” That’s a lot of good reasons!
Potsongs producers are also responsible for songs for the Australian Republican Movement and are also involved in a number of other projects. Potsongs feature on the internet at www.potsongs.com and is already linked to the two most popular marijuana and hemp sites in the world www.hightimes.com and www.cannabisculture.com, as well as being linked to www.sturgismotorcyclerally.com. This event held in Sturgis, USA attracts over 1,000,000 bikers every August.,
Written and performed by Herb Superb and the Sydney Heads Band, the songs are hot news in over 100 major cities participating in the Millennium Marijuana March on May 6, 2001. From Amsterdam to Auckland, Berlin to Boston, Tel Aviv to Toronto! Two songs from the Album have been chosen for the soundtrack of ‘High Times’ first feature film Potluck starring the legendary Chong. The tracks chosen were ‘Toke By Toke’ and ‘I Smoked It Once But I Didn’t Draw Back’. Herb’s in the movie business! Check outwww.potluckmovie.com.
1st Place! 2006 Global Marijuana Music Awards
Winner! 2004 Marijuana Music Awards, Nimbin, Australia
Finalist 2005 Global Marijuana Music Awards
Featured on Triple M’s “Club Veg”


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