Homegrown Roots Volume 2 – Various Artists


CD REVIEWS – by John Williams –
Home Grown Roots Vol 2 (Compilation CD)

This compilation CD has twenty tracks from a variety of emerging Australian blues, roots and acoustic performers.

It is a great introduction to some new and exciting music which is what it was designed for.
The artists who perform on this CD range from the Aria Award winning Mia Dyson through the whole musical alphabet from Altruism to Zenith.
I really liked the whole CD but if I was to review each artist it would take more space than I am allowed.

So I will mention some of my favorite tracks such as Rastawookie’s reggae style “Open Sesame”, Ben Marshall’s political track “Ratify”, Leroy Lee’s “Drawing Smoke”, Daxton’s “Shine a Light”, Joel Plaskett Emergency’s driving “Nowhere With You”, Tim Walker’s haunting “Riley St Lullaby”, Back to Sea’s “The Earth Spins”, Colin Bullock’s “Prisoner of Innocence”, Klia Zuka’s “Wind Child’, Doug Sandrini’s “Heritage” with its great guitar work and the only cover on the CD Chicken Head’s version of “Ella Speed”.

As you can see from this list there is a real diversity to this CD and I’m sure any listeners will have their own favorite tracks which may not have been mine.

I’m sure any listener will find a number of artists they really like on this CD and may go on to purchase a CD of the artist’s songs.

I guess that is what a compilation CD is all about.
This one is worth a listen. The Homegrown Roots compilation CD. Featuring: Rastawookie, Josh Owen Band, Ben Marshall, Leroy Lee, Daxon, Mia Dyson, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Tyroon Noonan, Jesse Morris, Tim Walker, Back to Sea, The Beggars, Nathan Wheldon, Zenith ASP, Colin Bullock, Rosie Burgess, Doug Sandrini, Chicken Head

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