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The Incas linked much of their daily life with their religious beliefs and, therefore, with nature inasmuch as they worshipped the elements, such as the sun, the moon, thunder, pachamama (mother earth) and many other marvels of nature. For thousands of years, cultures around the world worshipped the sun—the element vital to life. During pre–Inca and Inca civilization, Tat-Inti (Sun God), was the most important of the many gods to worship. The Incas considered themselves to be direct descendants of the Tat-Inti and called themselves Sons of Tat-Inti. Consequently, they dedicated their lives to the sun god by holding special religious ceremonies and festivals year round. Thus Inkuyo’s newest release of traditional and contemporary Andean music is titled Ancient Sun, after track 5, Sol Milenario. Reconstructing the musical rhythms born from numerous cultural mixes and influences with Bolivia, Inkuyo offers listeners a variety of these Andean–born rhythms while simultaneously emulating the sounds of ancient songs, dances and festivals which remain popular and celebrated today. Flowing flawlessly, the music ranges from sensual and cadent tempos, romantic and sensual rhythms, a two–part rhythm that is a slow and sad melody ending with an energetic format breaking the sad spell, lively and beautiful melodies, and capturing the natives yearning for their homeland. Ancient Sun follows in the same tradition as Inkuyo’s other four recordings. Listeners are thoughtfully and joyfully transposed to the ancient history of the pre-Inca and Inca civilization through a combination of modern compositions inspired by the land and its people and traditional songs and dances collected during the ensembles’ travels throughout the Andes.

Inkuyo – Ancient Sun
CD Review by P.J.Whyte

Now this is a bright cheery little album, another pure folk album from the Celestial Harmonies group.
As usual, no expense has been spared to bring you fine traditional Andes folk tunes.
All tracks are beautifully played by well known South American musical artists.
The rhythms vary on the tracks, but as with all Andes music, they are all cheerful.
Beautiful native instruments are used to create the atmosphere.
You will have fun “googling” the names of the instruments, as I did, to identify the pretty instrumental parts.
The supporting documentation is excellent on this album as it is with all albums distributed by Celestial.
You can learn all about the varying rhythms on the tracks and the provinces from where they came.
This music will take you on another journey, into the Andes this time.
As with all productions from this stable, you will be rewarded with a delightful upbeat native Andean treat.

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