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Boasting a relatively new album, JFK and his band John Kennedy’s 68 Comeback Special presents songs based on a strong filmic theme. With new original songs combined with more obscure songs developed as a result of Kennedy’s cultivated musical abilities. Adopting the “JFK” moniker at the age of ten, John Kennedy’s musical and song-writing abilities developed symbiotically with a penchant for humorously apt names such as ‘JFK and the Cuban Crisis’ and ‘John Kennedy’s Love Gone Wrong’. Boasting a new album, “Is This Not Paris?” (subtitled, “Emotion Picture Soundtracks”) is a concept album of sorts where Kennedy and his band 68 Comeback Special present songs that were film soundtracks, should have been soundtracks or could potentially be soundtrack music. “Is This Not Paris” includes new original songs and covers of well known film soundtracks, with a strong filmic sense developed as a result of Kennedy’s well cultivated musical abilities borne from his experience as a global artist. The songs “Big Country” and “The Texan Thing” are covers of Kennedy’s own hits.
John Kennedy’s ‘68 Comeback Special – Is This Not Paris (Emotion Picture Soundtrack). CD review by Eric Ford
John Kennedy was born in Liverpool and came to Australia as a boy with his family when about 8. This is his 11th album, the previous-’Someone’s Dad’, came out in 2007. He describes his music as urban and western, which to me is almost an oxymoron. Then again, there is Ararat the rural city! The Album consists of originals, including a couple of re-releases of John’s, some well known and not so well known fi lm themes/soundtracks and some quite obscure pieces. It makes an interesting compilation with even a surf tune ‘Urban Western Seaside ‘. Track one comes from an original tune by German musician Christoph Hahn-(is there a beer connection?)- and Hank William’s ‘Rambling Man’. An interesting marriage! The title track ‘Is This not Paris’ is enhanced by the voice of Megan Heyward. Megan, like John, is a new voice to me, yet refreshing for all that. Tracks 7 and 8 are immediately recognisable. ‘You Only Live Twice/Midnight Cowboy’ and 8 ‘Everybody’s Talking/I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City’. I could swear I heard P.J. Proby in them. Santo and Johnny’s ‘Sleep Walk ‘married to’ John Lennon’s ‘This Boy’ worked remarkably well for me. ‘The Texan Thing’ had me thinking of Eric Bogle’s ‘Front Row Cowboy’ and the album fi nishes with ‘Big Country Waltz’, a love lost trucking song (Australian). As I listened, nebulous glimpses of other Country and Rock singers tantalised me but never quite crystallised. This did enhance my interest. The Musicians are-Peter Timmerman on drums; Jeff Pope, guitar, lap and pedal steel and dobro; Glen Pye, harmonica and harmony vocals and Smithy on bass. John plays guitar, jews harp as well as vocals and of course Megan Heyward is on the title track. The album is well produced and the musicianship shows through. A very good sound well worth the purchase.

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