Johnny Huckle – The Songdance Kid


CD review by Graham Blackley

You may think that an album aimed at young kids wouldn’t hold much appeal for an ancient music writer like myself. Well, dear reader you would be wrong as Johnny Huckle injects maximum soul into his brilliant vocal performance while pumping out some seriously tasty acoustic guitar riffs.

Thunderingly good opening number Corroboree Ground absolutely rocks and proved to be so footstompingly catchy that I had to play it multiple times in a row at maximum volume! On So Much To Do, an achingly beautiful and heartfelt tribute to the natural environment, Huckle provides a gentle call to action as he sings, “Save our environment. We need a hand” in a voice like silk.

If you are feeling down and the day seems dark and moody it may be time to crank up the buoyant and spirited We Can Be Magic which will plaster a cheery smile on even the saddest of countenances.

On this wonderful twelve-track album Johnny Huckle proves that great music delivered with passion has the potential to appeal to listeners of any age.

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