Jose Luis Sepulveda – Millennium Portraits


‘Millennium Portraits’ by Jose Luis Sepulveda

CD Review by John Williams


Jose Luis Sepulveda was born in Santiago, Chile and is now based in Melbourne, Australia.  During the early eighties he conducted folk art research making concerts and recording songs from the region he grew up in.  In the mid eighties he migrated to Australia where he continues his work in the Latin American tradition organizing events designed to promote his culture.

This album is straight from the heart and has been a long time in the making.  It is political in nature and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It is certainly challenging in its scope.  If you think the Bush family and their allies (think CIA, John Howard etc.) are doing the right thing then avoid this like the plague. Or maybe you should purchase it to gain an alternative point of view. Musically it has some of the finest acoustic guitar work you will hear.  Jose Luis has a beautiful voice and yet this CD is not for easy listening. It is an important statement by an impassioned performer.  My favourite tracks were ‘Welcome to this City’, ‘The Candle’ and ‘Prayers for a Nation’.

If you like to think deeply about the ongoing World situation regarding freedom and democratic ideals and value this type of music then this CD would make an important addition to your collection.

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