Karen Lynne & Pat Drummond – Six Days in December


This album is a duet album with well known Australian Singer/Songwriters Pat Drummond and Karen Lynne. It was the album that had to happen. Born out of necessity it was all but demanded by all the wonderful friends and supporters that have attended and enjoyed our live Duo shows over the last few years. Anyone who is familiar with Pat Drummond’s previous work will find that this selection of songs reveals a side of him that is very rarely seen. Pat is known primarily for his hard hitting, semi-political – almost philosophical songwriting, however this album proves that under all that blokey-ness there is indeed a romantic. Also in keeping with his style of writing songs woven from true life stories, you will discover that most of the songs are written from a personal experience. The most obvious example being Song of the Quilt – from the experiences of Sharon Knitter, a quilter who makes special quilts for people from pieces of fabric taken from their favorite items of clothing such as a christening dress, a first school uniform or even a piece of a bridesmaid or wedding dress. The graphics of this CD also reflect the art of quilting as an underlying theme of the album and how it is the way we stitch our quilting patches (relationships) together, that we gradually build our ‘life quilt’. Anyone wanting a wonderful example of Australian Country/Folk music at it’s best, should not overlook this album. There are eleven tracks and all the songs are original. The majority come from Pat’s hand – although I collaborate on two of them, the Multi Award winning The Rush and Everyone was Right. The album also includes a song from the pen of Pat’s brother, Geoff Drummond (The House at 21) another brilliant songwriting Drummond. This is about an old house in Adelaide that was to be pulled down rather than saved by the ‘South Australian History Trust’, Why? Because no one important ever lived there. Think about it – perhaps the history of the lesser ‘important ‘ of us deserves preserving also? This is no album of silly country love songs – it is much more than that. Musically it is a pairing of our very different but complementary talents but one which works and works beautifully. We join forces to duet on at least 4 tracks, the others being solo tracks each showcasing great lead and harmony singing from each of us. Please take a few minutes to listen to the song samples and if you’d like to get a copy for your personal collection just follow the links to my Sales section. This is a truly special CD, you won’t be disappointed.

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