Kenneth Smith – I Ain’t Hip


Kenneth Smith – I Ain’t Hip
CD review by Ian Dearden

The handwritten note which accompanies Kenneth Smith’s review copy of his CD, “I Ain’t Hip”, points out to the editor (and this reviewer) that “it’s a bit rough”, that it was recorded in his mate, Dennis Aubrey’s spare room and it sells for only ten bucks.
With song titles such as “I Ain’t Hip To The Microchip”,” Jesus Is My Drinkin’ Pal”, “Unprecedented Blues” and the “Eunuch’s Ball”, it is obvious that Kenneth is not setting out to be the new Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan, or anyone else for that matter who is too deep.
This album is full of lyrics from the shallow end of the word pool!
Mind you, Kenneth does quote Voltaire in the CD liner notes, namely that “Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is a song!”
I was, of course, initially sceptical that Voltaire had ever said any such thing, but some rigorous research (okay then…. my first “hit” on a Google search), confirmed the source and accuracy of the quote!
I also discovered, intriguingly, that Voltaire once said “God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh”.
I feel now that you, the reader, and I, are much better informed and better educated by both aphorisms.
Well, you might ask, what’s the CD like?
Kenneth is right – it is a bit rough around the edges, but it’s actually lots of fun.
There’s a very 1920s music hall feel about it – I half expected Al Jolson to shimmy out of the CD player.
Lots of ukuleles, including some nifty lead ukulele (now there’s a skill for you) from Dennis Aubrey.
There’s even a kazoo solo on “The Budgie Song”.
The only thing missing was the sound of tap dancing in the distance.
There is, sadly, a lot of unrequited love on the album.
From that nice woman on the other end of the phone sex calls (“Double Oh, Double Five”), to the girl at the local department store (“Department Store Baby”), that woman on TV who tells us what to buy from our friendly supermarket (“Brand Power”), to those women who appear strangely underwhelmed by Kenneth’s swimwear choices (“The Mankini Song”), love has, for some inexplicable reason, slipped Kenneth by!
Never mind, it’s given him a chance to delve into the dark recesses of his psyche, to write songs about his experiences (or lack of them), and share them with you. Enjoy!

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