Linda Campbell – Sanctuary


Sanctuary – political asylum.
Sanctuary – peace & reflection.
Sanctuary – nature’s beauty.

ABC Newcastle 2005 Music Awards Semi-Finalist & SCALA’s 2002 Highly Commended Award. Songs include “Song for Charlie” (SCALA Highly Commended Award) and “Fool’s Gold” (Semi Finalist ABC Newcastle 2005 Music Award). Songs on the album play around the multiple meanings of the word sanctuary: * the right to claim political asylum *the freedom to roam without fear * a protected nature reserve for all living things *a time and place for peace, quiet and reflection *the sacred – the inner sanctum Album Cover The little golden flower in the centre of the front cover has a very personal meaning for me and depicts a real wildflower. “Hope is a flower that blooms defiantly in the winter”

Linda Campbell – Sanctuary
Review by John Williams

Linda is a passionate performer who certainly puts her money where her mouth is by donating 50% of any CD sales to the causes she believes in so strongly.
Her website is worth a look if you share any of her passions.
I found two of the tracks especially powerful.
The first was “Ruby Blade”, the story of Kirsty Sword Gusmao and the East Timor Liberation fight.
Kirsty placed her life at risk during this fight, married the leader and is now First Lady of East Timor.
The other was the tribute to the late Dr Charles Perkins, “Song for Charlie”.
It gives recognition to a man who should not be forgotten in our history.
He led the Freedom Rides and Aboriginal Embassy along with his many other accomplishments such as being the first indigenous Australian to achieve a university degree.
These two tracks showcase Linda’s talents as a songwriter able to get to the heart of complex issues.
Her songs are thought provoking and cover a wide range of ideas from the intensely personal “Little Hope Flower” to the anti consumerist “Fool’s Gold”.
Several tracks portray Linda’s view of the beauty found in the natural world.
Linda is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve and write with conviction about the things she believes in.
People who wish this world to be a better place and who are interested in the environment would enjoy the sentiments in this CD.
Isn’t that all of us in the folk scene?

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