Liz Frencham & The Dream Seat – Jericho


CD Review by Greg Barnett

The package photography suggests something bucolic and the audio opens up to confirm a world of smooth acoustic instruments and warm vocals.

You feel welcomed and rewarded.

The meld of voices, double-bass, guitar, tasteful percussion, and several other instruments (eg. horn, cello, flute, piano) is refreshing, as is the quality of playing, the arrangements and the recording.

It’s hard to summarise the music better than her own description as ‘Joni-style honesty, dipped in velvety Norah Jones soul’.

While Joni’s unique and powerful vocal range is not replicated, especially the higher registers, Liz has very similar phrasing and, thank goodness, the lyrics are clearly intelligible.

The pared-back “Sleepless” allows Liz to showcase her vocal talents accompanied only by her sensitive double-bass playing.

A perfect CD for anyone who likes to wallow in richly textured mellow acoustic music.

13 tracks and 48:44 playing time.

No cover booklet or credits for writing, performers.

The disc has no text at all!

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