Loaded Dog – That There Dog O’Mine


“That there dog o’mine” takes you to the WA’s goldfields and the timber country in the Sth West. Add three Lawson poems in new musical settings and you have another great slice of Australiana.

LOADED DOG “That there dog o’ mine”

Loaded Dog’s third album continues this Western Australian band’s admirable commitment to recording mostly WA material (including band originals), along with musical settings of Henry Lawson’s poems. Loaded Dog research their material carefully and present it with enthusiasm and passion. Every song paints an emotive word picture and the musical arrangements all sit well with the subject matter. “That there dog o’ mine” includes an engaging mix of songs about the early WA goldfields and timber industry, sensitive musical reworkings of three Lawson poems, original songs of personal reflection and a fine set of jigs by box-playing band member, Bob Rummery, which should become standard session tunes for discerning Australian trad-style musicians. Loaded Dog is an impressive and imposing band. They’re impressive because their music always speaks with an Australian voice, clearly describing the Australian experience and because they refuse to limit their musical boundaries. They’re imposing because they would have to be a contender to win a “tallest band” competition, averaging around 1.9 metres. This high altitude WA mob plays familiar songs and tunes from the bush band repertoire, when asked nicely, but they are much more than a bush band. They are gifted songwriters and tunesmiths in their own right, and can give new musical life to the words of Australian poets as they successfully reinterpret a range of Australian songs. They also happen to be very good in concert, which always helps.

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